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hace 14h 42min

Maskinhandel-Voigt - Dinamarca

Suche Raupenmobile Prallmühle mit Diesel / Elektroantrieb.ca. 50 to Preis 100.000,00 € bis 140.000,00 €

hace 14h 48min

Maskinhandel-Voigt - Dinamarca

Suche Raupenmobilen Backenbrecher ca. 30 to.Preis ca 50.000,00 €

hace 4 días 6min

Innova B2B Europa - Eslovaquia

Dear sir, madam,
we are in a search of jaw crusher machines for mining industry, if you can please support me finding such machines.

Our target for is purchasing a crusher (mobile/Static/both):
Minimum capacity 300 ton per hour
Type: Jaw crusher
Input size of the Lumps 800 to 1200mm
Out put size: 30-50 mm
Feeding Material: Lime,Gypsum and the same.

Sincere thank you for your help here, and contacting us in Slovakia
my best regards,

hace 56 días 8min

Дмитрий Носов - Rusia

Интересует троммель с наработкой, производительность от 30 м3/ч, ячейка 20-25 мм, материал - плодородный грунт.


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